St. Patrick’s pupils wear their uniform with pride at all times. This is noted in the wider community. We have high expectations of student dress and rely on parental support to maintain our standards.


Winter: Grey shorts, short-sleeved green polo shirt, green wool jersey, or green polar fleece black socks, black shoes.

Summer:  Same as winter but change the shoes to black sandals, and a regulation school sunhat (Aussie brim in bottle green).


Winter:  Regulation pinafore/skirt/culottes short short-sleeved green polo shirt, black socks or black tights, green V-neck wool jersey or green polar fleece, black shoes (these must be a practical style – no high heels or boots).

Summer:  Green polo shirt, regulation pinafore/skirt/culottes, green V-neck wool jersey or green polar fleece,  black sandals (these must be a practical style – no jandal or fashion style sandal high heels or boots), regulation sunhat (Aussie brim in bottle green).


Black shorts, T-shirt with school logo 

Parents are encouraged to keep all items of uniform “clean and in good repair at all times”


All uniforms are available at our St Patrick’s School Office.   


Please contact the office if you are interested in purchasing second-hand uniforms.

A copy of the school’s uniform policy is available on request from the office.

It is really important to clearly name all new and second-hand uniforms.


We encourage all children to be sun smart and encourage the children to use sunscreen, wear sunhats, and cover up when out in the sun.   The children have sunhats as part of their summer uniform which are worn from October to March.  Parents are responsible for applying sunscreen before students arrive at school.  They must provide sunscreen for their child because many students have skin allergies.  Rash vests must be worn in the summer for swimming.  All students must have a school hat each day.